Ukraine can become a storage platform for storing gas for the EU.

 Underground gas storage facilities are ready to provide 40% of the gas capacity of non-resident customers, including the storage of insurance reserves of “blue fuel” said Serhiy Pereloma, the General Director of Ukrtransgaz on its Facebook page. “The gas crisis of 2021 has once again drawn the EU’s attention to the issue of insurance reserves. The European Commission is looking for tools to implement such a plan and potential sites for long-term storage of large volumes of gas”, said Pereloma.

Synchronization of Ukraine’s energy system with ENTSO-E

will strengthen its sustainability and level of security of supplies, said Denys Shmyhal during the 23rd Ukraine-EU Summit. The integration of the unified energy system of Ukraine into ENTSO-E plays a key role in the energy security of Ukraine and the entire European continent. “Ukraine’s disconnection from the power system of the Russian Federation will lead to the loss of the latter’s strategic influence on the electricity sector not only in Ukraine but also in European countries. Integration into ENTSO-E

With Nord Stream 2 99% complete, Ukraine’s goal is to make sure that gas never flows through it,

Yuriy Vitrenko, chairman of Naftogaz, told RFE/RL on Saturday.  “The battle is lost, but the war isn’t,” he vowed. “And our ‘war’ against Nord Stream 2 continues.” Gazprom owns the pipeline and the gas that is to go through it. This violates the EU’s Third Energy Package, he said. In 2019, Vitrenko led the Naftogaz legal team that forced Gazprom to pay nearly $3 billion in a Stockholm arbitration case.

The EU’s ‘Carbon Border Tax,’ due to be adopted next month, threatens Ukraine’s industrial and energy status quo,

 speaker after speaker warned yesterday at the European-Ukrainian Energy Day forum in Kyiv. “Electricity trading cross the border may no longer bring in funds for needed investments,” warned Mats Lundin, chairman of the EU Energy Agency. “Steel exports may no longer be a viable business for the large Ukrainian industries that we have learnt to rely on for job opportunities and tax revenues.”