Ukraine startups presenting at World Web Summit.

The event takes place in Lisbon, Portugal between November 1-4. Web Summit brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry, and this year the event expects 70,000 visitors and 300 speakers from all over the world. Ukraine will be represented by 10 startups who will present their projects in front of the global tech community. The Ukrainian companies presenting the projects include: Spokk, Organization.GG, Wantent, Global Innovative Online School, Carbominer, Skyworker, Classee, Djooky,, Auto BI.

The Deputy Chairman of the Fund, Yuliya Byelova, announced that the new Automatic Real Estate Valuation Service has already issued 380 thousand certificates.

The Automatic Real Estate Valuation Service is an innovative product that allows users to quickly and free of charge receive certificates with the appraised value of their real estate. The Valuation Service uses data of registered valuation reports, information from SPAs, and open sources of the real estate market, including data from search engines such as LUN and OLX, with which the Fund entered memorandums.

Kharkiv’s IT success shows the way for other Ukrainian cities.

 Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, is well on its way to becoming a major regional IT powerhouse, according to a new report from the Kharkiv IT Cluster. Carried out in partnership with KPMG, the report concludes that the Kharkiv region is now home to more than 45,000 IT specialists, and 500 IT firms.  Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, growth over the past two years has been strong. The estimated value of the Kharkiv IT industry is approximately $1.5 bln in 2021, an

New Technology Park in Kyiv planned.

The National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) together with the Bureau of Investment Programs (BIP) NGO are planning to create a technology park in an educational building located at 2/4, Glazunov Street for UAH 50 million with the participation of an investor. After restoration, the territory will be able to accommodate about 40 resident companies and co-working spaces for students,” the Director of BIP Oleksandr Bondarenko said.

The share of the IT industry in the Ukrainian economy is 4% of GDP.

The government wants to focus on this industry and significantly increase revenues. According to the results of 10 years, the percentage increased in the IT industry, to 4.9% in 2020 and to 5.6% in the first quarter of 2021. At the same time, in hryvnias, the volume of GDP in this sector grew more markedly from UAH 34.3 billion to UAH 187 billion. According to Volodymyr Zelensky’s forecasts, the revenues of the IT industry in Ukraine may increase from $

The application “Diia” will protect consumers against fraud, and provide services.

 The mobile application “Action” will warn users about credit fraudsters will be available through “Diia”.  It will also allow users to complete the process to receive social payments. “We are planning a “Diia Summit” in the fall, there will be many new products. Yesterday we announced that “Diia” will advise users that their credit history is being checked.” said the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mikhail Fedorov, speaking with Ukraine24.

Strategic enterprises such as Motor Sich will remain Ukrainian

said President Zelensky.  Ukraine welcomes foreign business investments, but strategic enterprises must remain under state control. As for Ukraine’s strategic enterprises that have existed over the past ten years, some of them in terms of shares, were transferred to some Chinese partners, however, this by the decision was vetoed by the National Security and Defense Council. Business is business, and security is security said President Zelenskiy at the Yalta European Strategy Forum in the YES Brainstorming 2021 format in Kyiv

US – Ukraine Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement extended. 

 On September 1 the latest extension of the bilateral  Science and Technology Agreement entered into force. According to the US State Department, it will address advancing progress on Ukraine’s sustainable energy needs, while modernizing its nuclear infrastructure to reduce its carbon footprint; strengthening the cybersecurity of critical networks; and supporting Ukraine’s aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the two sides “will continue to seek ways to deepen our cooperation in energy, health and life sciences, and biotechnology by

Master Agreement on Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation Projects signed.

Its purpose is to deepen bilateral cooperation in science, technology, and military-technical areas, and contribute to the development of an international legal base for the conclusion of contracts on the implementation of joint research and development work in the field of defense. “It creates conditions for the introduction of advanced defense technologies, the launch of projects in the field of modernization of armaments and military equipment with the investment of the American party and provides for the implementation of measures

MOU on space-related cooperation

concluded between Ukraine’s State Space Agency and the US Department of Defense Space Command. Corresponding to Ukraine’s participation in the US-led Artemis space program,  it covers space flight safety and the provision of services and information on space situational awareness. President Zelenskyy also discussed cooperation in the space industry with Bill Nelson, Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Ukrainian-made engines yesterday powered a European Vega rocket into space yesterday,

allowing the launch of five satellites into orbits. Designed and manufactured in Dnipro by the Yuzhmash, the engines were transported to Kourou, French Guyana for launching the Italian-made rocket. The biggest satellite, the 922 kg the Pléiades Neo-4 Earth remote sensing satellite, was released into a sun-synchronous orbit 55 minutes after takeoff. Video shows a smooth launch, the latest in the 17-year collaboration between Yuzhmash and Italy’s AVIO SpA.

NASA launched a Ukrainian-powered Antares rocket last week to the International Space Station, carrying 3,724 kg of cargo,

 the US space agency reports. Dnirpo’s Yuzhmash engines powered the Northrop Grumman rocket carrying a Cygnus resupply spacecraft. Video on PBS NewsHour shows a smooth launch. This is the 15th Antares launch with Ukrainian engines, says Oleh Urusky, vice prime minister for Strategic Industries.

Ukraine and Turkey can carry out joint space projects,

 Volodymyr Taftay, head of Ukraine’s Space Agency, told Turkey’s Anaadolu Agency. With cooperation, a space rocket or satellite co-produced by Ukraine and Turkey can be sent into space, said Taftay, who plans to visit the Turkish Space Agency later this year. He said: “Cooperation is much stronger than being alone in any project. Especially with long-term partners like Turkey.”

A Ukrainian-designed and manufactured electric motorcycle, the Dnepr, set a world speed record in its class last week at the Bonneville Speed Week in Utah.

 Powered by 36 batteries cranking out 100 kW power, the equivalent to 134 hp, the Delfast Dnepr hit 104.78 mph, or 168.62 kph. The rider was was Serhii Malyk, a Ukrainian racer. Christian Curmei writes for autoevolution: “If you haven’t heard of Delfast yet, it’s time to catch up as this team is breaking all kinds of barriers.”

Poland and Ukraine are the primary beneficiaries of the exodus of up to 20% of Belarus’ 70,000 IT workers over the last year,

AFP reports in a story headlined “Belarus IT sector hit by exodus after post-vote crackdown.” Massive protests erupted last August after Alexander Lukashenko declared himself president after election widely seen as fraudulent. To stay in power, Lukashenko unleashed police violence against protesters. Looking ahead, Sergei Lavrinenko, a Minsk-based IT expert, predicts to AFP: “People will leave, slowly but steadily.”

Canada and Ukraine are preparing a project to produce a modernized version of the An-74TK-200 mixed cargo and passenger jet for international markets,

focusing on North America, Ukroboronprom reports. In March, Kyiv’s Antonov opened Antonov Aircraft Canada in Montréal, the business capital of Québec. The largest of Canada’s 10 provinces, Québec is almost three times larger than Ukraine. A legacy of Bombardier, the corporate jet maker, Québec already has an aerospace industrial cluster, Aéro Montréal.

Under a proposed bilateral cooperation document, “design and final assembly” of the jet would be done in Québec,

Desmond Burke, head of Gold Leaf Aviation, an Ontario company representing Antonov’s interests in Canada, tells Le Devoir newspaper. Appropriate for Canada, the Soviet-designed aircraft operates well in the Arctic, through high mountains, on limited runways, and carries 52 passengers and 10 tons.

By 2025, the EU plans to make batteries for 6 to 8 million electric cars per year.

 To build this industry, “investments in the sector reached more than €120 billion in 2019 and 2020 alone – that is three times more than in China,” Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission’s Vice-President for International Relations, told Interfax-Ukraine last week during his 2-day visit to Ukraine. “So there is a huge dynamic. We are your neighbor.”

Culminating a three-year effort, yesterday the Rada gave final approval to two bills designed to stimulate in Ukraine the manufacture of electric cars, components and chargers.

For the next five years, VAT taxes are suspended on the import cars powered by electricity, methane or biogas. For the next 10 years, VAT taxes are suspended on the import of equipment to produce electric cars and components. Corporate income taxes will be waived for companies that produce electric vehicles, chargers, motors and lithium and lithium-ion batteries for electric cars for the next fifteen years.

During the 2020s, South Korea plans to invest $35 billion in the development of electric car batteries

, reports 3dnews. “LG Energy Solution, SK Innovation and Samsung SDI are key players in the battery market, and are planning to invest both in battery technology research and in manufacturing itself,” the South Korean government said. During the decade, the world car battery market is expected to grow almost 8-fold, from $46 billion in 2020, to $352 billion in 2030. In the first five months of this year, China’s Amperex Technology, accounted for 31% of global battery sales, according

Ukraine’s defense ministry said hackers linked to the Russian government attacked the website of the Ukrainian Naval Forces on Friday,

posting fake reports about the international Sea Breeze-2021 military drills. The official website was restored within hours. The two-week naval exercise involved units from 32 countries, including 5,000 troops, 32 ships, 40 aircraft, and 18 special operations and dive teams. An annual Black Sea military exercise, Sea Breeze concluded last Saturday.

“The largest crypto farm in Ukraine” was discovered last week in a warehouse adjacent to facilities of Vinnytsiaoblenergo,

a regional electricity provider, reports Ukraine’s State Security Service, or SBU. The service released photos of the warehouse, with 3,800 PlayStation 4 consoles stacked from floor to ceiling. The SBU estimated that the operation to mine cryptocurrencies was stealing about $200,000 worth of electricity every month, enough to power one quarter of Vinnytsia, a city of almost 400,000 people.

A full plan, dated June 2020 “includes a ‘roadmap’ for the creation of a ‘vertically integrated aviation defense consortium’ that could bring $10 billion in revenues and investment,

” Time reports. The project lost momentum after Trump lost the election and Prince’s two main associates in Ukraine came under criminal investigation in New York. Prince’s sister, Betsy De Vos, stepped down as US Education Secretary. In December 2020, Chinese investors in Motor Sich filed a $3.5 billion claim against Ukraine to win control of the factory.

Data risk of the government’s Diia app is mitigated by the fact that the increasingly popular ‘government-in-a-smartphone’ app does not store data, but only displays encrypted information from other government registries,

, Ian Bateson writes on Rest of the World site about Ukraine’s effort to cut government paperwork. “Diia has also passed two penetration tests, organized with the assistance of the Estonian e-Governance Academy and the American aid agency USAID, which simulated a cyberattack on the system,” he writes. “In December 2020, USAID funded a competition to test the security of Diia with a $34,500 prize for discovering critical vulnerabilities, the embassy said. None were found.”

Antonov Airlines’ An-225 Mriya, the world’s largest cargo plane, took part in the NATO drawdown from Afghanistan last week,

carrying three British Royal Air Force Puma helicopters from Kabul to Karachi, Pakistan, and on to RAF station Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, the RAF reports. In six years in Afghanistan, this non-combat transport unit carried 126,000 passengers and moved 660,000 kilos of cargo. On taking off from Brize Norton, the Mriya’s six engines caused such a powerful back wash that it blew down a wooden perimeter fence. Antonov’s weak Ukraine branding was revealed when a British plane spotter could be heard

Yesterday Ukraine’s cyber police announced that they arrested six hackers behind a major ransom ware gang that had targeted international institutions, including four US universities

, reports NBC News. In raids on 21 homes in the Kyiv region, police arrested seized computers, luxury cars and $185,000 in cash. The American targets of the Cl0p gang included: Stanford University, University of Colorado, University of Maryland and University of Miami.

Italy’s Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane SPA is working with UZ to prepare by the end of this year a feasibility study for high speed trains in Ukraine,

 UZ acting CEO Ivan Yuryk has announced. Construction of a high-speed network linking Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Kharkiv would cost as estimated $15 billion and would be completed by 2030. Italy fastest train, the Frecciarossa, or Red Arrow, runs from Turin in the north to Salerno in the south, often traveling at 300 kph.

With the Boryspil Airport Express train achieving 71% occupancies in June, Ukrzaliznytsia is increasing the trains to 22 a day.

 There are now hourly departures between 5:30 am and 9:30 pm. The 40-minute ride includes stops at: Darnytsia, the suburban rail station, and Vydubychi, the transit hub with a Green line Metro stop and a terminal for buses to the south. Due to traffic jams on the Dnipro bridges, the express train increasingly is seen as a reliable way to get from right bank Kyiv to Boryspil, Ukraine’s busiest airport.

Mykolaiv Locomotive Repair Plant has signed a contract to modernize 55 German-made locomotives for the Egyptian National Railways,

 the Ukrainian company writes on Facebook. The repairs at the ADtranz locomotives will be carried about in Ukraine and in Egypt. Serhiy Roi, the plant director, said: “The partnership is planned for a long-term, since the number of locomotives in the future can be increased to 200 units.”