Private investment will breathe economic life into dead state assets,

 Economy Minister Ihor Petrashko wrote on the Ministry website. He said: “Removing restrictions on the sale of large state-owned enterprises will not only fill the state budget, but also attract large amounts of private investment in the development of these companies and the economy of Ukraine.”

Ukraine plans to attract investment to create “a belt of success” in government-controlled Luhansk and Donetsk,

Oleskiy Reznikov, minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, tells Dom TV Channel. In addition to the multilateral aid flowing into the area, he cited talks with Turkish and Polish companies interested investing in Kyiv-controlled Donbas. Last week, in a nationwide survey of startups by the online database YouControl, Luhansk fared the worst, with only 50 new businesses registered last year, compared to 54,000 across Ukraine.