Raw materials for batteries and renewable energy equipment promise a “a new chapter” for EU-Ukraine cooperation in the 2020s,

said Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission Vice President, at a forum in Kyiv on Tuesday. “Batteries are the main component of the entire field of electric mobility and storage for renewable energy,” he said. With electric car production expected to hit 6-8 million units by 2025, the battery market for these cars will be at least €250 billion a year, he forecast.

Despite this ongoing $150 million investment, Deitz said he has frozen four wind projects totalling 260 MW.

“The biggest problem is that we don’t see stability,” said Deitz, an American with over 20 years experience investing in Ukraine. “The rules seem to change every day.” He cited the government’s failure to live up to last summer’s payment schedule to wind and solar producers, a debt that approaches $1 billion. Then, after lowering power rates and then failing to pay the lowered rates, some Rada members want to impost an excise tax on renewable energy.

London-based VR Capital’s Elementum Energy has started commercial operation of its €59 million, 40MW wind energy Dnistrovska wind park

, on the Dnister estuary in Odesa region. The 4MW GE turbines are the largest in operation in Ukraine today. Each of the 10 towers rises 131 meters high, about four stories short of Kyiv’s Parus Business Center. Elementum Energy and American developer Ukraine Power Resources are building a second, 60 MW phase of Dnistrovska, which is to be commissioned one year from now.