The Energy Ministry is considering transferring excise tax on electricity, including ‘green,’ to a trust fund

to pay off debts, particularly to the renewable energy sector Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko has told Interfax-Ukraine. It would need parliamentary approval.  The introduction of a 3.2% excise tax for electricity from renewable energy sources which is opposed by profile and business associations. The idea of “green” auctions is still being developed but he doubted they could be held in 2021.

DTEK is ready to “consider the sale of power stations and coal mines” as the company shifts towards green energy,

DTEK CEO Maxim Tymchenko tells Ekonomichna Pravda news site. Ukraine’s largest private electricity producer is positioning itself to meet the EU’s net zero carbon target for 2050. Over the last three years, DTEK has invested $1.5 billion to build 1 GW of wind and solar capacity in Ukraine. In contrast, many of DTEK’s coal-fired power stations are “physically exhausted” and will have to close in the 2020s, Tymchenko says. He adds: “If nobody buys them, then we will close them