The Ministry of Finance sold government bonds to the value of nearly UAH 7 billion.

Raising UAH 6.962 billion at the auction for the placement of domestic government bonds, as reported on the Ministry’s Facebook page.  Investors were offered five issues of securities in hryvnia bonds: 1-year bonds at 11.5%, 1.5-year at 11.58%, 2-year at 12.39%, 3-year at 12.47%, and 6-year at 13.01 %. The greatest demand was for 6-year securities.

Faced with big bond redemptions this week, the Finance Ministry on Tuesday made the biggest bond sales of the year

— $358.6 million and 15.9 million hryvnia, or $580 million. Interest rates were virtually unchanged on the hryvnia bonds, ranging from 8.42% for 3-month bonds and 12.3% on 3-year bonds. For dollar bonds, rates did not change: 3.7% for 1-year bonds, and 3.9% for 2-year bonds. The Ministry posted results of the auctions on its website and on its Facebook page.

The Finance Ministry raised yields yesterday on hryvnia bonds by 20 to 73 basis points.

The auction raised the equivalent of $164 million which was almost three times the amount of the previous week. In yesterday’s auction, 96% of purchases were for 1-year bonds, which carried yields of 11.15%, up 40 basis points. The other yields were: 8.5% for 3-year bonds, up 73 basis points; 11.3% for 1.5-year bonds, up 20 basis points; and 12.75% for 6-year bonds, up 25 basis points. More details can be found on the Finance Ministry’s site and on its

The escalating military standoff with Russia is cutting foreign demand for domestic government bonds,

Yuriy Geletiy, a deputy governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, told reporters yesterday. “Prior to Russia’s concentration in the East, investors were actively buying IGLBs,” he said, referring to the bonds. “Unfortunately, Russia’s provocative actions at the border have worsened investors’ assessments of the Ukrainian market’s prospects. There is little demand from nonresidents.”