On October 12, the Ministry of Finance raised UAH 514 mln ($19.54 mln) from the placement of domestic government bonds,

it reported on its Facebook page. It offered investors five issues of securities in the national currency and noted that bond rates remained unchanged compared to previous auctions. The weighted average yield of 1-year IGLBs was 11.50%, 1.5-year – 11.57%, 2-year – 12.40%, 3-year – 12.49%, and 5-year – 12.75%.

Ukrainians purchased UAH 2 bln ($75.5) in Government bonds from PrivatBank.

 Since the beginning of 2021, Ukrainians have purchased more than UAH 2 bln worth of domestic government bonds through Privatbank, of which 65% (almost UAH 1.3 billion) are online through Privat24. At the same time, the number of clients who invested their money in government bonds was more than 2,500 people. The greatest demand for individuals is 12- and 18-months hryvnia IGLBs, as well as 24 US dollar bonds, the bank added.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine redeemed $1 bin US guaranteed Eurobonds

Ukraine has repaid the third and last issue of the US guaranteed notes. The total payment of $1 bln was a redemption payment and interest payments amounted to $7.355 million. The Eurobond was issued under the US guarantee with a nominal amount of $1 billion in 2016 at a yield of 1.471% per year. This is the last out of three US-guaranteed notes issued in 2014-2016 at an interest rate of less than 2% per annum, the first of which

Ukravtodor, in its debut placement on the Eurobond market, placed $700 million of 7-year bonds at 6.25%, well below the initial return target of 6.625%

, Interfax-Ukraine reported yesterday. Earlier this year, the Cabinet of Ministers approved sovereign bond guarantees up to $740 million for the state highway agency. The organizers of the issue — J.P. Morgan, Dragon Capital, and Ukreximbank – started calling investors on Tuesday.

International buyers are back in the market,

ICU has reported. “Last week foreign investors purchased UAH 2bn [$74 million] of new bills in addition to reinvesting funds they received from redemptions,” the investment group wrote of last week’s auction. Taras Kotovych, Senior Financial Analyst for ICU has calculated that international investors recently bought UAH 3-4 billion, an inflow that strengthened the exchange rate. Yesterday, one dollar was fetching UAH 27.08.

Faced with big bond redemptions this week, the Finance Ministry on Tuesday made the biggest bond sales of the year

— $358.6 million and 15.9 million hryvnia, or $580 million. Interest rates were virtually unchanged on the hryvnia bonds, ranging from 8.42% for 3-month bonds and 12.3% on 3-year bonds. For dollar bonds, rates did not change: 3.7% for 1-year bonds, and 3.9% for 2-year bonds. The Ministry posted results of the auctions on its website and on its Facebook page.

The Finance Ministry raised the equivalent of $370 million at its weekly auction yesterday,

the Ministry reported on its Facebook page. Yields in hryvnia reflect the Central Bank’s increase in the nation’s prime rate 10 days ago to 7.5%. The yields were: 6-month – 9%; 1-year – 11.2%; 1.5 year – 11.3%; 2-year – 11.96%; 3-year – 12.28%. In the foreign currency placements, the Ministry sold $21 million worth of 1-year dollar bonds at 3.7% and €42 million worth of 1-year euro bonds at 2.5%.