The massing of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders has weakened demand for Ukrainian domestic government bonds

, or IGLBs, Danylo Hetmantsev, head of the Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, wrote after Tuesday’s hryvnia bond auction sold only the equivalent of $7.7 million. Writing on his Telegram channel, Hetmantsev predicted: “As soon as the situation at the border stabilizes, investors will start buying IGLBs again.”

For hryvnia bonds, the Ministry pushed down yields on 3-months bonds by 35 basis points,

to 7.98%, and on 1-year bonds by one basis point, to 10.74%. To sell $34.6 million worth of 2-year bonds, the Ministry raised the yield by 10 basis points, to 11.8%, according to the Ministry’s website. In general, the weighted average rate at yesterday’s auctions fell to 10.67%, from 11.64% one week ago. Last week, the Ministry sold the equivalent of $232 million, reports ICU.