Friday, January 14

Russia’s militant rhetoric has affected Ukraine’s Eurobond rates.

The regular belligerent statements by Russian officials led to a fall in Ukraine’s Eurobond prices by 2-4.7% on Thursday (depending on the maturity). As a result, the maturity rates of almost all securities exceeded 10% per annum. According to Interfax on the other hand, the price of the shortest securities growing this year spiked up from 10.6% to 14.25%. Eurobonds growing in 2023 have fallen in price by 2.9%, which led to an increase in yields from about 10% to 12.2%. The fall of Eurobonds prices growing between 2024-2025 is by 3.4-4.1% led to an increase in their yield by almost 2% to about 11.8% and 11.1%, respectively. Moreover, GDP warrants fell by nearly 7% on Thursday, and now their price is about 80.3% of face value.

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