To speed up demolition of the 1950s-era Khrushchovky,

the five-story concrete panel apartment buildings, the government plans to lower the barrier of consent of residents to demolition to 75%, from 100% today. A renovation program adopted 15 years ago has stalled, reports Gordon. Olena Shulyak, Deputy Chairman of the relevant Rada Committee, says: “You can never get 100 percent consent from all tenants for resettlement. It’s simply impossible.”

1,000 infrastructure facilities are under construction this summer in all of Ukraine’s 24 regions,

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy presidential chief of staff, said yesterday at the Ukraine 30 Decentralization forum. In addition to a record amount of highway construction, the government is building 100 kindergartens, 100 schools and 100 sports facilities. He said: “Together we will be able to build a really good country in the next few years, which is already changing, and everyone sees it.”

Of the 50 existing industrial parks, only 10 are working,

 said Chernyshov. This year, the government is investing $3 million to build infrastructure in four industrial parks. To jump start the rest, the Rada recently passed on first reading a bill that would, depending on levels of exports, compensate companies in industrial parks for up to 50% of the cost of connecting to the power grid and up to 70% of initial capital expenditures and loan interest payments. Two more bills in the Rada would give companies in industrial parks

Chinese companies are to participate in more road, bridge and rail transit projects in Ukraine.

That is the goal of a bilateral agreement signed last week by Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov. Chinese companies have won about $2 billion on construction contracts in Ukraine the each of the last two years, reports Global Times, a unit of Beijing’s People’s Daily.

President Zelenskiy plans to spend $9 billion during the three remaining years of his term to rebuild and repair 43,000 km of national roads and 119,000 km of local roads

, reports the Finance Ministry. The expenditure in critical infrastructure is included in the Budget Declaration for 2022-2024, which was approved last week by the Cabinet of Ministers. Denis Ulyutin, Deputy Finance Minister, said: “Thanks to this, the number of road accidents should be reduced by about 7%.”