Chinese involvement in building the first $1.1 billion segment of the Kyiv Bypass Road,

the Ministry said, would be facilitated by the signing of an intergovernmental agreement on infrastructure construction cooperation. Other priorities for the Ministry are: construction of the 90 km Poltava-Oleksandriya road and increasing China-Ukraine freight traffic. At the G7 Summit in England last weekend, one American official talked of spending “several trillion dollars” on infrastructure projects designed to provide alternatives to China’s Belt and Road.

To speed construction of Kyiv’s 150 km Bypass Road, the Rada passed a bill exempting the $3.2 billion project from ProZorro procurement and public tenders

, Max Nefyodov, a Kyiv City Councilman and former deputy Economy Minister, charges in an Atlantic Council blog. Under the headline “Ukraine’s post-2014 public procurement progress is under threat,” Neyodov argues: “This recently adopted amendment sets an awful precedent that could pave the way for further exemptions of other major construction projects from Ukraine’s public procurement laws and regulations.”

‘Big Construction’ money is pouring into the President’s hometown.

In addition to road improvements, projects include: renovation of Metallurg Stadium to seat 20,000 spectators; renovation of Spartak youth stadium to seat 7,000 people; construction of a $10 million municipal swimming pool; and construction of a new, high speed tram line.

By end of next year, reconstruction of the nearly 500 km Kyiv-Poltava-Kharkiv highway is to be complete

, Ukravtodor officials said. The improvements will cut the drive between Ukraine’s two largest cities to four hours, from 6.5 hours today.

In Donetsk, the state highway agency is rebuilding 12 bridges and the access road to the front line city of Avdiivka.

In a multi-year project, Ukravtodor is rebuilding this summer the 625 km stretch of the M-14 between Odesa and Mariupol. This east-west road links the ports of the Azov and Black Seas, giving exporters increased flexibility if Russia closes the Azov to Ukraine-bound cargo ships.