Of the 50 existing industrial parks, only 10 are working,

 said Chernyshov. This year, the government is investing $3 million to build infrastructure in four industrial parks. To jump start the rest, the Rada recently passed on first reading a bill that would, depending on levels of exports, compensate companies in industrial parks for up to 50% of the cost of connecting to the power grid and up to 70% of initial capital expenditures and loan interest payments. Two more bills in the Rada would give companies in industrial parks 10-year tax holidays from income tax and from VAT tax on imported capital goods. These bills would empower communities to give real estate tax breaks. Chernyshov predicted: “They will be adopted in the fall.”

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The government aims to build infrastructure for 25 new industrial parks for the next three years, said Oleksiy Chernyshov, –