The 17 state defense enterprises transferred to the State Property Fund 10 days ago are “the remnants of property that has been torn apart, plundered,

” said Yuriy Husev, Director General of Ukroboronprom, the defense production conglomerate, in an online forum last week.  With names like the Ivano-Frankivsk Boiler and Welding Plant, the Transcarpathian Helicopter Production Association and the Lviv Research Radio Engineering Institute, these defunct Soviet-era companies might end up being sold for their real estate. By shedding these companies, Ukroboronprom now controls 97 companies.

The first of seven state-owned flour mills is to be privatized through auction on May 7

, the State Property Fund reports. Often called ‘bakeries’ these Soviet-era complexes mill wheat and corn into flour and animal feed. Located alongside railroad tracks, the seven ‘kombinats’ have elevators with a total storage capacity of 634,000 tons, about 1% of the nation’s total. Of the seven going up for sale, four are working and three are nonworking. The first auction will be of a working one, Dunayevets Bakery in Khmelnitsky Region. The starting price is $6.7 million.

The Rada passed a bill yesterday to resume privatization of large state owned corporations – one year after sales were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The State Property Fund hopes to raise as much as $430 million this year by selling six large state companies, including Kyiv’s President Hotel, Kyiv Bolshevik Plant, the Odesa Portside Plant and United Mining and Chemical Company. Dmytro Sennychenko, head of the Fund, wrote on Facebook: “The Fund will bring the budget, through transparent privatization auctions in 2021, 4 times more than last year!” Included in the auction earnings goal is $110 million from small-scale privatizations. So far this year,

Online bidding by five companies for a state-owned alcohol distillery increased the price five times yesterday, to $3.9 million

, reported the State Property Fund. The sale of the distillery in Lutsk through is part of a 2-year process to privatize Ukrspirt, the former state monopoly alcohol producer. By the time that all 78 Ukrspirt properties are sold, the Fund expects to raise $35 million for the State Budget.