Ukraine wants all-natural gas pipelines to receive equal treatment

which will allow traders to ship Russian gas to markets in the European Union said CEO Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko. Speaking at a meeting with Andreas Feicht, ahead of Germany’s process to certify the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2 AG. “All companies should receive non-discriminatory access, like Gazprom, to all gas pipelines that connect Russia and the European Union. So that European companies can decide for themselves which pipeline they will transport gas through. We explained how it works and why

The Prime Minister Shmygal told reporters last week that Russia-Ukraine trade dropped by nearly 84% over the last six years.

Two-way trade dropped from $37 billion in 2014 to $7 billion last year. “Trade turnover between Russia and Ukraine is gradually declining,” he said at a joint press conference with visiting European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič. “At the same time, the volume of trade [with] Europe has grown to over 40%, which means it has grown by more than fivefold.”

After a week of Russian troop movements and aggressive statements toward Ukraine, President Biden called President Zelenskiy Friday

and for a 45-minute discussion. Later, Zelenskiy said in a public address: “We enjoy the full and unwavering support of international partners, including Europe and the United States. Proof of that is the conversation I had today with President of the United States Joe Biden. We discussed the situation in Donbas in detail. President Biden assured me that Ukraine would never be left alone against Russian aggression.”

Ukraine has expanded its 5-year-old list of Russian goods banned for import,

the Cabinet of Ministers reported Monday. The new list includes 25 largely low tech items such as toilet paper, hand towels, new spring, boxes, packing bags and cosmetic wipes. Of importance to Ukraine’s railroad sector, train wheels and axles are banned. Last year, the government approved measures aimed at banning $650 million worth of imports from Russia.