Ukraine wants all-natural gas pipelines to receive equal treatment

which will allow traders to ship Russian gas to markets in the European Union said CEO Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko. Speaking at a meeting with Andreas Feicht, ahead of Germany’s process to certify the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2 AG. “All companies should receive non-discriminatory access, like Gazprom, to all gas pipelines that connect Russia and the European Union. So that European companies can decide for themselves which pipeline they will transport gas through. We explained how it works and why

Ukraine’s pipeline company expect to receive $1.3 billion this year to move gas from Ukraine’s Russian border to the EU

. $1 billion of this amount is spent on running the pipeline company — paying 11,000 employees and performing maintenance. Without a long term transit contract after 2024, the pipeline network will only serve 10 bcm of imports and 20 bcm of domestic production. To survive, he said, the company would have to decommission “more than 50%” of current capacity.