Ukraine scores on the low end for coronavirus deaths, compared to its EU neighbors Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania,

according to the Worldometer running tally of infections and deaths. A BBC Eastern Europe coronavirus roundup shows Ukraine far behind in vaccinations. Poland, Czech and Slovakia are near the EU average — 16 jabs for every 100 people. Hungary is at 29.5. Ukraine is at 0.6. Yesterday, Zelenskiy gave his government one week to draw up a plan to vaccinate most adults by the end of this year.

To get out of the pandemic, Ukraine needs to vaccinate 70% of its population, create herd immunity, and create a system of “COVID-19 vaccine passports,”

President Zelenskiy said on Monday. The next day, his Health Minister Maksym Stepanov  said on Ukraina 24 TV: “If there is an appropriate amount of vaccines, we will be able to vaccinate up to 5 million people a month in a very quiet mode.” By the end of May, Ukraine is to receive 1.7 million doses — enough to vaccinate 3% of Ukraine’s adults. Of the 500,000 vaccines received five weeks ago, the Health Ministry has used only 212,900.