The American Chamber of Commerce and Citi Ukraine presented the results of the new survey on doing business in Ukraine.

The survey concluded that the biggest obstacle to doing business in Ukraine was the judicial system. This was the opinion of more than half – 56% – of companies that are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine who took part in the survey. Other major obstacles are also related to the lack of the rule of law. According to the respondents, doing business in Ukraine, in addition to the courts, is hindered by law enforcement agencies (32%),

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine does not support the adoption of the amendments proposed by the draft Law No. 5600

“On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning Balancing Budget Revenues”, said Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, at the YES conference The changes proposed by Bill 5600 will negatively affect business. The business community has provided several comments and remarks regarding the provisions that will lead to increased fiscal pressure on conscientious taxpayers. Unfortunately, so far comments and remarks were not considered “

Media note concerns and expectations surrounding Biden-Zelenskiy summit.

Typically, The Financial Times writes “Afghanistan withdrawal heightens Zelensky’s fears of dwindling support from Washington,” and that the Ukrainian president “will be desperate for military and economic aid to demonstrate that the Biden administration will not abandon his country as it has Afghanistan.”  In the same article, Andy Hunder, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, said: “Large US investors are watching Zelensky’s White House visit closely because future investment depends on Ukraine’s security situation, geopolitics and assurances