The first land auction in the Prozorro.Sales system has been announced.

The first auction for the lease of communal agricultural land has been announced in the state electronic trading system Prozorro.Sales on November 9, 2021. A 2.1-hectare plot of land was put up for auction by the Tavrichanska village council (Kherson region). The starting price of the annual lease is 10% of the regulatory monetary value of the site – UAH 5088. The land is leased for 7 years. The amount of the guaranteed fee required to participate in the auction,

Prozorro Auction for the lease and sale of the land.

The online auction site began accepting bids for the lease of state and communal agricultural land, and the sale and lease of non-agricultural land. The function of was to ensure the security of bidding, the impossibility of anyone interfering in their course, and equal access of each participant who has the right to do so, to participate in the auction.

In a test use of the Prozorro.Sales electronic auction system, UZ lease rates of commercial spaces in rail stations rose by 47% yesterday

, says Ivan Yuryk, acting CEO of the state railroad. UZ leased space in Dnipro Main, Zaporizhia-1 and Khmelnitsky. Areas leased will be used for ATM machines, payment terminals, vending machines, and coffee machines. Overall UZ plans to lease space at 24 stations, with the goal to earn $3.7 million a year in rent.