Calling the Russia-Germany line,

 “the Molotov-Ribbentrop gas pipeline,” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, international business editor of London’s Daily Telegraph, mocks Washington’s assertion that the US-Germany deal will not allow the Kremlin to weaponize its supplies of gas. “There are harsh words about the consequences of cutting off the gas. Nobody believes any of these words,” he writes. Referring to Russia’s contribution to the 7-fold spike in EU gas prices this year, he adds: “Gazprom has cut summer supplies, which are required annually to restore depleted reserves.

Germany and the US are finalizing an agreement which would allow Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to open this fall – under certain conditions,

 Bloomberg reports from Washington, citing U.S. officials. Conditions are to include: sanctions if Russia tries to use the pipeline as a weapon against Ukraine; Germany would lobby Russia to extend Gazprom’s Ukraine gas transit contract beyond its 2024 expiration; and the US and Germany would push for $1 billion worth of investments in a ‘Green Fund’ to help Ukraine’s move to cleaner energy. Germany would commit an initial $175 million to the fund and appoint a special envoy to support

Once Nord Stream 2 is complete, EU officials should limit its volume,

 relying on EU competition law that applies to the land extensions of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2, Prime Minister Shmygal told LRT media. “The fact that the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is at its final stage does not mean that we should stop taking measures against its commissioning,” Shmygal said, referring to the two land lines, OPAL and Yevgal.