Former Naftogaz Chief Andriy Kobolev denies accusations of allegedly creating a hole in the 2021 state budget estimated at UAH 10 billion

. “We understand that they were counting on our money – for 10 billion UAH. Our plan was to replace dividends with one or another payment (the technology can be discussed – from government bonds to” advancing dividends “) in the amount of 32 billion UAH. The plan, which I communicated the Prime Minister and the President, they know about it,” he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

The board ex-head stressed that on the date of his dismissal, the company had more than $2 billion of free funds on its account, and 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas owned by Naftogaz in underground storage facilities.

 “Thus, with the financial plan, which, unfortunately, was not approved for us for this year, we were going to ensure the safety of the next winter, ensure all investments in production and transfer, in addition to all standard tax payments, another UAH 32 billion,” he added.