Ukraine increased Grain exports by 11.7%

. During the marketing year July 2021/June 2022, Ukraine had boosted grain export to 16,536,000 tons, Ukrainian News Agency has reported. Ukraine has exported 10,737,000 tons of wheat, 4,022,000 tons of barley, 52,200 tons of rye, and 1,540,000 tons of corn. On the other hand, Ukraine had lowered the exportation of wheat flour and flour made from other crops by 33.4% and cut grain exportation by 21% or 12 million tons year over year to 44.7 million tons.

Underlining Ukraine’s role as a world food power,

exports of all grains are expected to hit 56 million tons, from a record harvest of 75.8 million tons, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry predicted on Monday. During the current 2021-2022 market year, Ukraine expects to export 21 million tons of wheat and 31 million tons of corn. By contrast, Russia expects to export 37 million tons of wheat, according to SovEcon, the Moscow-based agricultural consulting company.

Ukraine’s grain exports could rebound by 19% in the upcoming marketing year, reaching 54 million tons,

predicted APK-Inform, the agriculture consultancy. Ukraine could export: 29.50 million tons of corn; 20 million tons of wheat; and 4.3 million tons of barley. In the last decade, Ukraine more than quadrupled its wheat exports, reaching a volume of 17.5 million tons last year. Today, Ukraine accounts for almost one tenth of global wheat exports.