The Ministry of Finance sold government bonds valued at ₴11.7 bln.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Ministry of Finance raised the equivalent of $446.6 mln for the budget when it auctioned domestic government bonds (IGLBs). Investors were offered seven issues of securities in national currency and one issue in foreign currency. The weighted average yield in national currency of 3-month IGLBs was 9.5%, 1-year IGLBs – 11.54%, 1.5-year IGLBs – 11.57%, 2-year IGLBs – 12.47%, 3-year IGLBs – 12.70% , 5-year-olds – 12.75%, and 6-year-olds – 13.25%. The greatest demand among hryvnia instruments was concentrated on 1-year and 6-year securities. The weighted average rate of return on 1-year IGLBs in euros was 2.50%.

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