Friday, January 14

The court seized 100% of the shares of the Bolshevik plant.

An investigating judge has seized 100% of shares of the First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant (“Bolshevik”). The Bureau stated that investigators are currently establishing all the circumstances of the illegal alienation of the plant from state ownership at a reduced cost. The property appraisal report that initially determines the value of the plant’s shares did not meet the requirements of the law. This could have negatively affected the reliability of such an appraisal,” the statement said. The starting price at the auction of 100% of the package was at UAH 1.389 B ($ 51 M), and the final value of the object reached UAH 1.429 B (55 M). Out of 15 registered bidders, only 3 participated. According to various estimates, the actual price of the plant should be around $ 150 M.

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