The harvest of oilseeds in Ukraine in 2021

 is estimated to be 23.2 million tons, which is a 19% increase in volume from the 2020 harvest. “Despite the expected record harvest, prices for Ukrainian agricultural products remain quite high. The main factors are the high price level in the main exporting countries against the backdrop of production decline risks, as well as the restraint of sales by Ukrainian farmers”.

“Phenomenal yields” are pushing Ukraine’s wheat harvest to an all time record this summer

, the Canada-based Western Producer news site reports in an article headlined: “Ukraine shines as Black Sea wheat takes hit.” Russia’s harvest may drop 4% to 82 million tons and Kazakhstan production is to fall to 12 million tons. In contrast, Grain Trade Ukraine predicts a 32 million ton crop for Ukraine – 11% higher than the previous record: 28.8 million tons in 2019.

Harvests of wheat, barley and peas are going well.

 With high yields, Ukrainian farmers have harvested 14 million tons from 22% of the forecast area. To date, about half of the nation’s winter barley and peas crops have been harvested. This does not include 9 million tons of winter wheat have been harvested, almost one third of the forecast. If current yields hold up, the Agriculture Ministers forecasts a 17% increase in the harvest of grain and legumes over last year. Of the 76 million tons, exports could reach

Well-timed rains are pushing this year’s harvest to a record 100 million tons of grains, oilseeds and beans,

Nikolay Gorbachov, president of the Ukrainian Grain Association predicted at the recent International Grains Council’s Grain Conference. “What I can tell you about Ukraine is the conditions are just perfect,” Gorbachov told the online conference, The Western Producer reports from Saskatchewan, Canada. Ukraine’s previous harvest record was 98.3 million tons set in 2019-20. Twenty years ago, this combined harvest was 9.5 million tons.