In September 2021, Ukrainians purchased a record number of new electric cars

 according to ukrautoprom. 145 new and 748 used cars with battery power supplies received their first registration numbers in Ukraine. In September, a record was set for the number of new electric cars that were registered in one month. Compared to last year, the September demand for new electric cars increased two and a half times, and for cars with mileage by 18%.

Culminating a three-year effort, yesterday the Rada gave final approval to two bills designed to stimulate in Ukraine the manufacture of electric cars, components and chargers.

For the next five years, VAT taxes are suspended on the import cars powered by electricity, methane or biogas. For the next 10 years, VAT taxes are suspended on the import of equipment to produce electric cars and components. Corporate income taxes will be waived for companies that produce electric vehicles, chargers, motors and lithium and lithium-ion batteries for electric cars for the next fifteen years.

To promote electric cars, the import of diesel and gasoline cars would be banned by 2030,

under a bill of the Infrastructure Ministry. A ban on imports of used diesel cars would start earlier, on Jan. 1 2027. This year, about 7,000 new and used electric cars are expected to be imported into Ukraine, about the same number as last year. This would represent 1.4% of the 500,0000 cars expected to be imported this year.