The Zelenskiy government also will ban planes from flying through Belarus airspace to come to Ukraine,

the President’s office has reported. This will only stop Ukrainian airlines that fly to Belarus: Motor Sich with two flights a day from Zaporizhia. Yesterday, airBaltic and Wizz Air detoured around Belarus for their flights from Kyiv to the Baltics. UIA said it was waiting for the government’s formal decision before re-routing its two relevant flights, to Vilnius and to Helsinki. This detour is expected to add 30% to flight times from Kyiv.

Timothy Ash, the emerging market analyst, writes from London:

“This is not just a defensive action from Lukashenko but a full frontal attack on the EU – an EU plane, travelling between two EU capitals, forced out of the air by an autocratic regime. If the West lets Lukashenko get away with this, no Western airline is safe flying across any autocratic run country.”