Thursday, January 13

Prices across all industries in Ukraine have increased drastically,

as reported by The State Statistics Services. The prices for industrial products increased by an average of 62.2% in December 2021, as against December 2020. Industrial products sold within Ukraine rose by 74.2% and outside Ukraine by 24.5%. Prices of industrial products for domestic processing from December 2020 to December 2021 has increased by 28.1% (within Ukraine – by 25.1%; abroad – by 34.8%), products of mining and quarrying rose by 56.5% (within Ukraine – by 100.3%; outside it fell by 26.8%). Coal mined prices rose by 150.6% during the period; crude oil and natural gas – by 79.6%; metal ores – by 5.4% (within Ukraine – by 63.3%; abroad fell by 28.3%). Prices for food, beverages, and tobacco products from December 2020 to December 2021 increased by 16.9% (within Ukraine – by 14.3%; abroad – by 23.7%)

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