Thursday, December 30

Since the beginning of 2021 Ukraine’s public debt has grown by 4%.

As of November 30, 2021, the state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine amounted to UAH 2.56 trillion or $94.15 bln. In November 2021, the direct public debt in dollar terms increased by 0.96% to $82.99 bln, in hryvnia by 4.22%, to UAH 2.255 trillion. This includes last month’s external direct debt in dollars which increased by 1.47% to $45.68 bln. In hryvnia, it increased by 4.71%, to UAH 1.241 trillion. In November 2021, the state-guaranteed debt in dollar terms increased by 7% to $11.15 bln, in hryvnia by 10.41%, to UAH 303.24 bln. From the beginning of 2021, the total public debt of Ukraine increased by 4.31% in dollar terms and by 19.46% in hryvnia, announced the Ministry of Finance.

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