Thursday, January 6

Government borrowing last year amounted to almost UAH 603B.

 Actual government borrowing for the 2021 state budget general fund amounted to UAH 602.8B ($22M) or 86.2% of the planned amount for this period, announced the Ministry of Finance. UAH 388.3B ($14B) was attracted from the placement of IGLBs to finance the state budget, including UAH 108.9B in foreign currency ($3.1B and € 778.1M). Also, UAH 192.8B ($7.09B) was attracted from external sources. At the same time, payments on public debt repayment for January-December 2021 amounted to UAH 441.1B (94.2% of the plan), and service payments – UAH150B (98.6% of the plan).

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