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Reportage indépendant et exploitable par un journaliste professionnel chevronné.


UBN couvre les transactions commerciales de l’Ukraine, les opportunités émergentes et les tendances économiques prospectives dans un scan de 30 secondes ou une lecture de 3 minutes qui vous sont livrées par e-mail, du lundi au vendredi avant 6h00 (EET).

« UBN is my essential early morning reading. It is a great English-language summary of the relevant business news across the country written in a concise, objective and professional manner. » —Alexander McWhorter, Citibank

« Access to unbiased and objective information about Ukraine’s fast changing economy is a competitive advantage. In my opinion, UBN does the best job of bringing this vital information to readers’ desks. » —Ivan Svitek, Alfa Bank Group

« A good source of business news on who’s doing what, updates on activities across numerous sectors and deals that are being signed. . . Always a good read for investors. » —Andy Hunder, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Every morning, leaders in Ukraine’s top businesses, investment banks, law firms, and government get briefed by UBN. Around the world, investors, analysts, bankers, diplomats, and journalists do the same when UBN hits their in-boxes in New York, Washington, London, Frankfurt, Paris, or Moscow.

If you would like to connect your product or brand to UBN’s growing and engaged investor audience, contact apryma@ubn.news for sponsorship opportunities.

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