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 During a visit to Kyiv, World Bank Vice President Anna Bjerde raised a critical issue that Ukraine faces today, the importance of human capital. Since 2003, the population of Ukraine has decreased by more than 10 million. Ten million citizens migrated for work, study, and improved opportunities. Of these 10 million, some are working in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, have senior roles in international academia, and the many Ukrainians who work in the EU agricultural sector to ensure that there is fresh produce on the tables of our EU neighbors. To address the brain, drain, the government should work on programs to create an environment that makes it attractive for Ukrainians to live and work at home.  The creation of educational opportunity which does not depend on an envelope, but talent. Well-paying jobs for graduates that offer not just an income but a career path, and programs to return Ukrainian labor back to the country with appropriate levels of salaries and opportunities. With best Regards, UBN editorial board.

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