After battling wildfires last week, Algeria is citing climate change as the reason for reaching out to Ukraine Tuesday to boost grain imports,

Mykola Gorbachev, president of the Ukrainian Grain Association, writes on Facebook. “Algerian representatives stressed that due to climate change, Algeria will need to increase grain imports, and Ukraine could become a partner,” he said after an online meeting Tuesday with representatives of the Algerian Grain Procurement Office. To raise purchases above last year’s low level of 200,000 tons, Gorbachev advised the Algerians to double their insect damage limit to 1% — the Maghreb standard. Gorbachev estimates that Ukraine will export 57.5 million tons of grain this year – 29% over last year’s level.

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Nibulon, exporter of almost 10% of Ukraine’s grains, is reaching out to new markets:

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