Thursday, November 25

Ukrainian startup MaxAh develops the most powerful graphene-based battery in the world.

 The engineering and technology startup MaxAh works with the technology of lithium power supply production using the Ukrainian graphene has been recognized as a promising project by the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University. The company goal is to create a product for big industries: transport, energy, electronics, space, medicine, defense, etc. The startup wants to solve three problems: lack of a final product, slow power supply development and production processes, and unbelievably high cost of production. According to representatives of the startup, a final prototype (with improved load and energy-storage capacity compared to regular batteries) can be presented in Q2 2022, reported

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Nord Stream 2 will be launched without certification might be possible.  According to reports in the German newspaper, Handelsblatt, the gas pipeline may start operating without certification. This scenario was played out with German projects NEL and EGL 401. However, in this case, Nord Stream 2 may be fined €1 mln, according to the estimates of the German Federal Network Agency (BNA). The penalty for putting the gas pipeline into operation in Germany was acceptable, given that the cost of the entire Nord Stream 2 project is €10 bln.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has announced the establishment of a new state airline Ukrainian National Airlines (UNA) . The new carrier will start flights in 2022 from two domestic and 14 international destinations. By 2026 the new airline will operate domestic flights to 8 destinations, and 7,000 flights a year. Medium-haul routes within the regional international network will commence in 2022. As a result, there will be flights to 14 destinations. In this segment, the plan for 2023-2026 is 37 destinations, reported ukrinform.

The newly-elected Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is ready to support Ukraine’s move towards EU membership. The coalition agreement of the new German government contains a clause stating its readiness to support Ukraine’s movement towards membership in the European Union. The agreement reads, “We will work together with the EU and its Member States to further develop the Eastern Partnership and a market economy. It is also noted that the German government will continue to assist Ukraine in restoring its full territorial integrity and sovereignty”.