The Ukrainian government has approved a draft budget for 2022

 with a deficit of 3.5%, Reuters has reported. The gross domestic product (GDP) deficit is down from 5.5% in 2021.  Speaking during a televised government meeting, the Prime Minister, Denys Shmygal said: “The budget for 2022 is not only balanced and realistic but also the budget for modernizing the country, restoring the economy and investing in people, in their health, education, and development. The draft is based on a forecast of 3.8% economic growth next year compared to about 4%

Draft Budget 2022 expenditures:

Census, Action and IT: almost ₴ 8 billion digital expenditures; ₴ 124.1 billion for the development of road infrastructure in Ukraine; ₴ 8 billion for agriculture; ₴ 7.5 billion provided for the development of the strategic industry; ₴ 158 billion for the Medical Guarantees Program; ₴ 193 billion for Medicine; and Expenditures on the security and defense sector are projected at 5.95% of GDP.