UkraineInvest plans to launch “Make in UA”  program

aimed at stimulating the investment market development for the entire country. “Make in UA” program highlights the most promising sectors and regions for placing production facilities in Ukraine, and provides recommendations on where to find the investors that will also help develop a network of industrial parks. “We are convinced that the future of Ukraine is to become a European manufacturing hub. In this context, we focus on medium-sized businesses, and envisage a healthy competition for investments among the Ukrainian

UkraineInvest has received 23 project applications from potential investors totaling more than $ 2 billion.

“There are investment nannies in Ukraine. UkraineInvest has been identified as a key institution with nine team members guiding large investment projects. To date, 23 investors have applied to take advantage of this law. The total amount they plan to invest in Ukraine is over $2 billion”, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said at a press conference.