Nord Stream 2 completed.

The controversial Nord Stream 2 Russian-German pipeline has been completed. The last pipe section was welded into place on September 6. The operating company remains vague on the timing for the commencement of gas flow but said it would start before the end of the year. The required pre-commissioning procedures will need to be carried out to put the pipeline into operation. The $11 billion projects is expected to double the capacity of the existing Nord Stream pipeline across the

50 Ukrainian political and civil society figures appeal to Biden to block Nord Stream2.

The lawmakers, leaders, civil society activists, and experts express their disappointment in a joint statement that hopes that had been raised “have been dashed by your administration’s decision to oppose sanctions against and so to greenlight Nord Stream 2, allowing the Kremlin to bring it to completion.” They appeal to him as a consistent “friend of Ukraine’s young democracy and because of your longtime record of commitment to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty” to “change course and send a clear

All 12 Republican Senators on the Senate Banking Committee are threatening to block two Treasury nominees unless the Biden administration reverses its stance on the Nord Stream 2

pipeline from Russia to Germany and imposes new sanctions on the project, Bloomberg reports from Washington. “We urge you to reverse course on Nord Stream II and join us in Congress’ long-standing defense of European allies and partners from malign Russian aggression,” reads a letter from the Republicans to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.