With migrant workers sending home to Ukraine $1 billion a month, Nova Poshta, the privately owned delivery service, has allied with Western Union

to facilitate money transfers to Ukraine. By tapping into Western Union’s global financial network of 550,000 service points in 200 countries and territories, “our customers have even more opportunities to receive and send money to their relatives and friends in a matter of minutes,” said Andriy Kryvoshapka, CEO of Nova Poshta’s money transfer unit, NovaPay.

Promising to start drone deliveries of packages next year,

Nova Poshta tested sending a Discovery drone with a parcel from Chaika airfield, outside of Kyiv, to Korotych airfield, outside of Kharkiv. The drone successfully made the 480 km flight in five hours. Next month, the private delivery company plans to send a 250 kg parcel from Kyiv to Lviv. Flying at 300 meters, “this type of transportation is absolutely safe,” asserts Nova Poshta CEO Alexander Bulba. “In the sky, the UAV behaves like a real plane and can recognize