Russia is holding back on gas supplies to Europe this summer to create higher prices in winter

, Lana Zerkal, Energy Minister advisor, charged in an interview Saturday on Ukraine 24 TV. “Russia is artificially holding back the European market and is not supplying the volumes that Europe needs now, for example, to fill empty gas storage facilities,” Zerkal, a former Naftogaz official, said. “It was a cold spring. Now we need to fill everything, and gas prices are very high.”

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Gas From Russia, Nord Stream 2

Ukraine must show “goodwill” if Russia is to continue shipping its gas across Ukraine after the expiration of the Gazprom contract at the end of 2024,

 President Putin told the annual St Petersburg Forum investment conference on Friday. According to TASS, he said: “There is a possibility to use Ukraine’s gas transport system in the future, even after our current contract expires. Everything is possible and we are ready for it and want it but goodwill from our Ukrainian partners is needed.”