Aerospace firm Firefly, owned by Ukrainian businessman Max Polyakov, raised $200 million in investments as the result of the first round of venture funding.

The company’s value has exceeded $1 billion, according to a press release from Firefly.

Major Firefly shareholders includes Dada Holdings, Astera, Canon Ball, Reuben Brothers SMS Capital Investments

. Astera spokesman Jed McCaleb will now join Firefly’s Board of Directors.

The company says that by the end of 2021 it hopes to raise another $300 million.

They want to start a new round of attracting investments after the launch of the Alpha rocket, which is planned for July 2021.

Firefly Aerospace is a privately held aerospace company that provides space transportation services from low Earth orbit to the moon.

Firefly offers launch, space travel and landing on the lunar surface using the Alpha, Beta, SUV and Blue Ghost platforms and participates in NASA space projects. In 2017, after bankruptcy, the company was bought by Ukrainian businessman Maxim Polyakov via the Noosphere Ventures investment fund. Firefly Aerospace offices are located in Austin and Dnipro. The main production of rocket assemblies is in the state of Texas, with part of the equipment is also being developed in Ukraine.