Ukraine’s exports grow by more than 33% in Jan-July 2021 compared to the same period in 2020,

Ukraine’s imports of goods increased by 28.6% to $37.24 billion, exports – by 33.4% to $35.51 billion, according to the State Statistics Service. In January-July 2021, foreign trade operations were conducted with foreign partners from 228 countries. The largest export deliveries of goods over the reporting period were made to China (for $4.99 billion; up 36.5% from January-July 2020), Poland ($2.89 billion; up 67.6%), and Turkey ($2.08 billion; up 58.5%).

Ukraine exports 10.3 mln tones of cereals and legumes

at the beginning of the period 2021/2022. Since the beginning of the 2021/2022 marketing year, Ukraine has exported 10.29 million tons of grain and leguminous crops.  This figure is 11.7% more than the previous period of 2020/2021 when Ukraine exported 5.92 million tons of wheat (4.1% less compared to the same date 2020/2021 marketing year); 2.99 million tons of barley (up 24.7%); 1.34 million tons of corn (2.2 times more); and 24,700 tons of flour (33.7% less).

“In addition these new markets, Ukraine now exporting 63 commodity items to 11 states and international economic organizations.

The first being exports to CIS countries which are now subject to new trade rules that come in force from April 13, 2021 in the field of veterinary medicine.  This has replaced an agreement between CIS countries which was signed back in 1993. Also, due to changes in the terms of trade, new agreements were  renegotiated with Singapore and South Korea,” said a government spokesperson.