Exports are up by 25%, or almost $5 billion, for the first five months of this year

, Prime Minister Shmygal writes on Facebook. Exports to China, Turkey, UK and US were up almost 50%, compared to January-May 2020. By contrast, exports of goods during the first quarter were up only 12% yoy, to $13.7 billion.

Markets outside the existing EU region have opened up including Japan, Libya, Argentina and Lebanon for Ukrainian exporters of milk and other dairy products

. Domestic producers were able to supply eggs to Ethiopia, animal protein to Serbia, and cattle to the UAE. The Lithuanian market is now open for the export of insects used in crop protection.

“In addition these new markets, Ukraine now exporting 63 commodity items to 11 states and international economic organizations.

The first being exports to CIS countries which are now subject to new trade rules that come in force from April 13, 2021 in the field of veterinary medicine.  This has replaced an agreement between CIS countries which was signed back in 1993. Also, due to changes in the terms of trade, new agreements were  renegotiated with Singapore and South Korea,” said a government spokesperson.