Friday, November 19

European Commission ready to consult with Ukraine on Nord Stream-2 certification.

 Ukraine is in the process of preparing its opinion on the draft decision of the German Federal Network Agency Bundesnetzagentur on the certification of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. It was stated by European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson at a meeting with Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko, and reported in the press service of the Ministry of Energy. Thus, Ukraine will become an active participant in the certification process politically and legally, the Ministry stressed.

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The Polish infrastructure firm, Gaz-System, has completed the construction of the offshore part of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline.

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Alexei Reznikov, visits the United States for the first time in his capacity as the Ukrainian Minister of Defense.

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The newly-elected Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is ready to support Ukraine’s move towards EU membership. The coalition agreement of the new German government contains a clause stating its readiness to support Ukraine’s movement towards membership in the European Union. The agreement reads, “We will work together with the EU and its Member States to further develop the Eastern Partnership and a market economy. It is also noted that the German government will continue to assist Ukraine in restoring its full territorial integrity and sovereignty”.

A senior EBRD delegation is starting a week-long trip to Ukraine to meet with the country’s authorities and private sector companies. The delegation will include Alain Pilloux, the Vice President of Banking and in charge of Bank lending; and Mark Bowman, the Vice President for Policy and Partnerships.  The visit is to reconfirm the EBRD’s support for Ukraine, its reform agenda, and sustainable development. Discussions will focus on the decarbonization of the Ukrainian economy in line with the country’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution, the development of sustainable infrastructure, and the investment