Wednesday, November 24

DTEK Energy has reduced its net losses 10-fold since January 2021

. It earned UAH 1.965 bln ($74 mln) in net losses in the third quarter of this year, which is almost 10 times less than the loss in the same period last year, UAH 19.12 bln ($721 mln). At the same time, in the first 9 months of 2021, the company earned UAH 35.94 bln ($1.36 bln) in revenue. 13.7% more than UAH 31.614 bln ($1.19 bln). For the 3rd quarter of 2021, the gross profit amounted to UAH 4.91 bln, which is 2.4 more than the profit last year which was UAH 2.08 bln ($116 mln).

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