Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Despite this ongoing $150 million investment, Deitz said he has frozen four wind projects totalling 260 MW.

“The biggest problem is that we don’t see stability,” said Deitz, an American with over 20 years experience investing in Ukraine. “The rules seem to change every day.” He cited the government’s failure to live up to last summer’s payment schedule to wind and solar producers, a debt that approaches $1 billion. Then, after lowering power rates and then failing to pay the lowered rates, some Rada members want to impost an excise tax on renewable energy.

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Ukraine’s erratic treatment of wind and solar producers threatens the EU’s choice of Ukraine as a major hydrogen producer

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VR Capital Ltd. and Ukraine Power Resources inaugurated Friday a $60 million 40 MW wind farm in Odesa’s Bessarabia.

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