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 During a visit to Kyiv, World Bank Vice President Anna Bjerde raised a critical issue that Ukraine faces today, the importance of human capital. Since 2003, the population of Ukraine has decreased by more than 10 million. Ten million citizens migrated for work, study, and improved opportunities. Of these 10 million, some are working in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, have senior roles in international academia, and the many Ukrainians who work in the EU agricultural sector to ensure that

The Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Lekhim plans to launch phase one of its plant in Uzbekistan in 2023 to produce ampoule.

Speaking to Interfax-Ukraine, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Lekhim Group, Valeriy Pechaev said, “In 2020, we created the Lekhim enterprise in Tashkent to sell domestic medicines and to build a production facility in Uzbekistan. Since 2020, Lekhim has invested $2.5 million in this project, the total investment to 2023 will be $10-12 million, and the total cost of the project is about $ 40 million. Lekhim is financing the project from its own funds and plans to

Ukrainian Banks have issued UAH 690 million mortgages at 7%.

As of September 13, banks have concluded 811 loan agreements valued at UAH 689.62 million within the framework of the state program “Affordable Mortgage 7%”. According to the Ministry of Finance, Ukrainian banks have issued 23% of loans in the primary, and 77% in the secondary markets. The program involves 22 regions, and the most active regions in terms of loan applications last week were: Kyiv City (33.3%), Kyiv region (30.9%), Kharkiv (6.2%), Lviv (5.8%), Rivne (4.1). %) and other

Almost 36,000 hectares of agricultural land have been sold in Ukraine.

As of September 13, Ukraine registered 15,533 agreements on the purchase and sale of agricultural land (Ukrinform). According to the Ministry, 4,943 notaries submitted applications for access to the State Land Cadastre. The largest areas of farmland sold were in the Kropyvnytskyi region (4,930.9 hectares), the Kharkiv region (4,236 hectares), and the Poltava region (3,599.5 hectares).

McDonald’s intends to open new restaurants.

McDonald’s Ukraine Development Director, Vitaliy Stefurak said, “New restaurants will be opened in Kropyvnytsky, Chernivtsi, and Uzhgorod. Our restaurants are now located in all the regional centers of Ukraine. In addition to this expansion, we are moving into large regional centers where we are not yet represented, for example, to Mariupol,” Stefurak said. He added that in the next few years McDonald’s intends to open restaurants in all satellite cities of Kyiv. (Interfax-Ukraine).

Fund of Funds in Ukraine for US investors.

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, has presented an idea of launching a Fund of Funds in Ukraine for US investors. “The state will not only invest in startups but will also direct funds to the world’s best venture capital funds to invest in Ukrainian startups. This will allow the number of startups to grow, and allow large strategic investors to enter the Ukrainian market. So, we will create a better environment for the development of the

Ukrposhta intends to sign an agreement to buy a small Ukrainian bank within the next two quarters.

KPMG is assisting the national mail provider with its search. Ukrposhta announced a tender for the selection of a bank appraiser in mid-May 2021. The CEO of Ukrposhta, Igor Smilyansky, told Forbes. “Right now, we are looking at several banks with the help of KPMG, and hope to conclude the transaction by the end of the first quarter of 2022.” The investment into banking is expected to cost Ukrposhta $200 million, which corresponds to the minimum level of capital of

The application “Diia” will protect consumers against fraud, and provide services.

 The mobile application “Action” will warn users about credit fraudsters will be available through “Diia”.  It will also allow users to complete the process to receive social payments. “We are planning a “Diia Summit” in the fall, there will be many new products. Yesterday we announced that “Diia” will advise users that their credit history is being checked.” said the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mikhail Fedorov, speaking with Ukraine24.

In August 2021, Ukraine’s total volume of electricity exports decreased by 6.1%,

to 344.1 million kWh, whereas imports rose 21.9 times, to 27.1 million kWh (Ukrenergo). Compared to July 2021, electricity exports from the Burshtyn TPP Energy Island decreased by 21.2% to 193.8 million kWh in August 2021. The decrease was recorded in all directions: Hungary – by 13.4%, Slovakia – by 66%, and Romania – by 22%.

Belarus will buy more than $ 1 billion dollars of military hardware from Russia, said the self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko.

The main purchase will include weapons to be placed near the border between Belarus and Ukraine, reported Ukrainska Pravda. In addition to this, Belarus will also have Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. The same system was sold to Turkey and created a crisis in relations between Ankara and NATO.

Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine, Oleh Uruskyi, met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Republic to Ukraine Mr. Marek Shafin

. The main topic of conversation were the issues of bilateral cooperation, and the forthcoming visit of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine to Bratislava to participate in the International Aviation Forum “Ukraine-Slovakia 2021: AEROSPASE. High-precision engineering. Problems and prospects of cooperation “. The event will take place on September 21, 2021

During her visit, Anna Bjerde will focus on Ukraine’s key challenge is to achieve sustained economic growth lasting over an extended period.

Whilst the Ukrainian Government has successfully identified “growth points” – the priority sectors (technological production, energy security, the safety of life, transport and infrastructure, however, the World Bank Vice President highlighted one important aspect that has not been much discussed in the Government plans – the importance of human capital.

After the completion of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, on Monday Germany’s energy regulator said it had four months to complete a certification.

After receiving all the necessary documentation, Nord Stream 2has lodged an application for an operating license from the pipeline company. The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) (BNA) has commenced the process of certification of the Nord Stream 2 with said it has up to four months from Sept. 8 to produce a draft decision on the application.

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