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By the end of next year, a $35 million renovation of the airport’s runway and terminal should be finished,

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Deputy Presidential Chief of Staff, wrote on Facebook after landing. Serving Kryvyi Rih, a city of 60000 and part of the Dnipro and Kropyvnytskyi regions, the airport terminal will be able to process 400 passengers an hour. Kryvyi Rih is one of the 16 regional airports undergoing upgrades in an effort to restore domestic aviation.

Naftogaz CEO Yuriy Vitrenko met yesterday in Washington with key US Congress members to argue for sanctions to block the opening of the Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

. Separately, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Monday that the Administration is talking to Germany about reimbursing Ukraine for lost transit fees and about establishing a pipeline cutoff mechanism if Russia moves against Ukraine. “I think it is necessary to ensure that the transit fee that Ukraine may at some point in the future lose as a result gas pipeline…was reimbursed,” Blinken said, according to Radio Free Europe.

A international standard stock market and commodity exchange – NEXT-UA — is the goal

of a Memorandum of Understanding signed Monday by the Cabinet of Ministers with EBRD, USAID, and AmCham Ukraine. “NEXT-UA will facilitate the integration of Ukraine’s markets into the international ecosystem, improve price discovery for commodities and provide hedging mechanisms for businesses in the form of transparent markets for capital, energy, agriculture and other sectors,” reads a release by the American Chamber.

Defending the measure,

Serhiy Bykov writes on Facebook: “Current procurement rules close the opportunities for international players to enter the market, which can immediately bring money.” The new, streamlined approach, he said is “the international format of EPC + F contracts” or engineering, procurement, construction + financing. So far, non-binding memorandums have been signed with two foreign construction giants with access to international financing – Bechtel of the US and Poly Changda Engineering Co. of China.

To speed construction of Kyiv’s 150 km Bypass Road, the Rada passed a bill exempting the $3.2 billion project from ProZorro procurement and public tenders

, Max Nefyodov, a Kyiv City Councilman and former deputy Economy Minister, charges in an Atlantic Council blog. Under the headline “Ukraine’s post-2014 public procurement progress is under threat,” Neyodov argues: “This recently adopted amendment sets an awful precedent that could pave the way for further exemptions of other major construction projects from Ukraine’s public procurement laws and regulations.”

The Infrastructure Ministry plans to install 50 more weigh-in-motion devices this year, raising to 100 the number of the systems designed to catch overloaded trucks

. On Thursday, the Rada approved a law allowing automatic recording of overloaded trucks, eliminating the possibility of drivers paying roadside bribes to highway inspectors. With each device costing about $1 million, the system is designed to protect roads built under the government’s ‘Big Construction’ program.

President Zelenskiy plans to spend $9 billion during the three remaining years of his term to rebuild and repair 43,000 km of national roads and 119,000 km of local roads

, reports the Finance Ministry. The expenditure in critical infrastructure is included in the Budget Declaration for 2022-2024, which was approved last week by the Cabinet of Ministers. Denis Ulyutin, Deputy Finance Minister, said: “Thanks to this, the number of road accidents should be reduced by about 7%.”

The new mill would be a vote of confidence in Mariupol, a city located 30 km west of the front lines and a step toward Metinvest’s target: ‘carbon neutral’ by 2050.

“This is the direction that we are going,” he said. “We have an idea to build a new plant based on hydrogen metallurgy.” Challenging Ukraine’s metallurgy to modernize, he said: “Today, we see an opportunity to declare, like the European Union itself, that we can be carbon neutral by 2050. This is absolutely real for Ukraine, for Ukrainian steelmaking.”

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