Monday, November 22

Applications for “investment nannies”: 17 from Ukrainian investors, and 10 from international companies.

 UkraineInvest has received 27 preliminary project applications from investors totaling more than $2 bln, reported Business representatives from Switzerland, Mexico, China, Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Ireland, and other countries are interested investors. Investments are planned in the following areas:

  • production (11 projects totaling $686 mln);
  • agricultural processing (totaling $303 mln);
  • logistics (5 projects totaling $487 million); and,
  • transport and tourism (totaling $159 mln).
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On November 18, the space agencies of Ukraine and Canada signed a joint statement of partnership in Halifax Canada.

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European Investment Bank (EIB) will assist in financing the modernization of hospitals in Ukraine.

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