A full plan, dated June 2020 “includes a ‘roadmap’ for the creation of a ‘vertically integrated aviation defense consortium’ that could bring $10 billion in revenues and investment,

” Time reports. The project lost momentum after Trump lost the election and Prince’s two main associates in Ukraine came under criminal investigation in New York. Prince’s sister, Betsy De Vos, stepped down as US Education Secretary. In December 2020, Chinese investors in Motor Sich filed a $3.5 billion claim against Ukraine to win control of the factory.

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The websites of President Zelenskiy, the State Security Service and other institutions were hit by cyber attacks on Tuesday afternoon,

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In the waning months of the Trump Administration, Erik Prince, an American private security entrepreneur, attempted to exert pressure on the Ukrainian government to accept his buyout offer for the Motor Sich aircraft engine factory in Zaporizhia